Honda Varadero 125

2002 Honda Varadero 125 XLV125

Owned from June 2002 – May 2003.

Reg: LG02 CAA

I’d seen the Varadero get a good review in 2001 in a learner/scooter type magazine and thought “I have to have this bike!” Riding past Continentals (Now Woking Yamaha Centre) and seeing it sitting in the sun, it wasn’t a case of if, but when…the TW’s days were numbered!

My first ‘big’ bike was everything I thought it would be! As I’d passed my test I didn’t have to have ‘L’ plates displayed, which meant nods from the big bikes and a wide grin behind my visor.

I didn’t get many chances to do big miles on that bike but on the journeys I did I always found it very comfy (solo and two up), quick for a 15hp 125cc and superbly economical. A lot of riders would no doubt find the size daunting but I always found it reassuring to be riding something with a chassis more substantial than a wicker basket.

The only (slight) downsides were the fancy fairing, its weight, and the fact the cooling system was a little too effective for its own good – the oil had a habit of going a strange milky colour due to water condensing in the crankcase and turning into an emulsion.

I sold the Varadero to get my first car, so until 2006, my time on two wheels was over…

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