Thank you everyone!

The money collected via JustGiving was sent within a week of donating. The money collected ‘offline’ will be sent to the CCCP in time for Christmas now that all donations have been collected.

Friends and family

Yvonne and Enzo DeLuca
Edith and John Wheaton
Claire Stephens
Chris Webb
Geoff Webb
Peggy Webb
Laura Dowson
Angela Dowson
Pete and Di Smith – Also very kindly loaned me BMW riding gear to use.
Guests of the Slough Irish Club Charity Night – 27/07/2007
Mike Ward
Geoff Hunt
Steven Moschidis
Chris Knight
Andrew Gould
Sarah Emery
www.backtolife.org.uk (David Lawrence)

My colleagues at the Veterinary Laboratories Agency:

Adrian Buckle
Andrew Lee
Az Ahmed
Catt Everett
Chris Carpenter
Chris Vickery
Dan LeTourneau
Dave Hill
David Ayling
Grant Hesketh
Ines Morreale
Jay Wellstead
Joan Mead
John Shaslam
Keith Renton
Kelly Vaughan
Paul Allen
Paul Genco
Peter Hornsfield
Peter Looseley
Raymond Ayers (R.I.P.)
Sharon Dunne
Sue Evans
Sue Smith
Tony Dell
Tracey Dorsett
Wayne Lamport

The following visordown.com members:

Count Steer

The following xrv.org.uk members:

Mike Fletcher

These companies

Infinity Motorcycles, Guildford
Merityre Specialists

Employees of Fromson Construction, Surrey NHS Primary Care Trust, Naston Ltd, Supercraft, Maxparts, Quest

…and all those who sponsored via the paper forms distributed by my friends and family. I couldn’t make out some names, but you know who are!

Special thanks also to Sue Michniewicz for designing a super poster!

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