BikeAid Chernobyl Challenge 2007

Updated 15/12/07

ALL ‘offline’ donations are now ready to be sent to the CCCP in time for Christmas.

Total donated: £1262!

Sponsors (Updated!)

I will be writing a complete entry in the future – watch this space!

On August the 24th 2007, I will be taking part in a charity motorbike ride with other riders from to Chernobyl in order to raise money for the Chernobyl Children’s Project (UK)I have created a page at through which donations can be sent. Any donations are very gratefully received – and all sponsorship donations go directly to the charity; unlike certain other ‘charitable’ endeavours.

The Chernobyl Legacy – Please click here to see what your donations will help towards.

It all started when this link was originally posted on a forum I use. I read it, thought ‘If only’, and didn’t think much more of it…until I found myself checking back more often to see how many places were left!

I tentatively e-mailed the BikeAid founder Allan Wraith, who kindly spent some time on the phone with me, discussing the various aspects of the trip.

‘F*ck it, I’m doing this!’ was my final verdict after a couple of days deliberation which left me no closer to an actual decision.

So, with my deposit paid, now begin the processes of gathering sponsorship, preparing the bike, and of course, myself!

I will be updating this page as appropriate – if you have any comments, tips, enquiries etc please click the comment link underneath this post.

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